Artist :Sayaka       

 Mixed media artist.

Started Nov, 2016.

            Aug, 2017. Jointed in Japanese Contemporary Artist Team NY(JCAT NY)

            Sep, 2017. Group exhibition at JCAT Gallery in NY

            Nov, 2017. Japanese Fashion magazine "CREA" and "Daytona" posted AKAMPO and Sayaka .works


            Jan, 2018. Group exhibition at One Art Gallery in NY

                              Start Photo shooting service and Photo instructor with BA limited company in Japan.

            Aug, 2018. Group exhibition at NY 

...Wrote trip journal, Interviewed from company, Jointed artist events...and more.


   /Skype account are the same.


 "AKAMPO the CAT"  ...I designed cat character goods brand.

   "Bluebucks"  ...Clothes, accessories, and others design.

   "Nobody Doll"...My dolls product.

 Web shop ...

   International shipping, Card settlement (Paypal) are compatible.

Consignment store is ENJULEAF at Sapparo in Japan.

      ENJULEAF   えんじゅりーふ FC2 blogs

Consignment web shop Store    ドワンゴジェイピーストア web shop 

   Casie     Casie web shop (Paint works only)

                 Interviewed Sayaka by Casie   (Japanese text only)


   BAZART    BAZART web site

Photo shooting service and Photo instructor.

   BA limited company (Japanese text only)

<Store in the Events info >

Sometimes I will open store in the event.

And I am also exhibiting in Japan and NY.

Instagram is earlier than in this site info page.

Instagram : @taisampo